The cure for menu boredom

Visit us just once and you will instantly see why there’s nothing quite like the dining experience at The Wine Bar.

Some prefer our cozy, intimate tables for two. But you haven’t taken in the full experience until you have watched your meal being prepared – right in front of you -- by leading Toronto Chef Bryan Burke.

You can expect Bryan to inform and entertain you while he expertly cooks your meal using the finest local and naturally-raised food produced by Ontario farmers and artisans. And while other restaurants give you one menu selection, dining at The Wine Bar means you are going to sample – and share -- several fabulous menu selections, prepared in the Tapas style and perfectly paired with a selection from one of the finest wine lists in Canada.

No corkage every Monday night

The Wine Bar is brought to you by Bryan Burke and his partners, Ted Koutsogiannopoulos and Mary McGugan Koutsogiannopoulos. Reservations can be made by phone (416-504-9463).

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Choose from one of the finest wine lists in Canada By the bottle. By the glass. Or BYOB

You would expect a restaurant called The Wine Bar to have a fabulous wine list – and you would be right.

For "Reserve Wine List" click HERE.

We have one of the finest wine lists in Canada, with more than 200 selections handpicked by our Sommelier. Here are just a few: 2008 Kacaba Single Vineyard, Syrah VQA Niagara, 2005 Sadia Family “Dits Del Terra”, or Grenache Spain Priorato.

No corkage every Monday night

Many selections are available by the glass, which means this is the perfect place to try that fabulous bottle of wine you have always wanted to sample. Or bring your own wine (BYOB) and have it perfectly paired with your meal. Yet another great option is to drop by on Monday evenings, when we offer free no corkage.

Whatever you choose, it can be perfectly paired with your selection from our menu. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation today by calling 416-504-9463.

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Wonderful dishes that are uniquely and proudly Ontario

It’s easy to see how our Executive Chef Bryan Burke came by his love of cooking – and more particularly, his love of cooking with the finest local and naturally-raised food, produced by Ontario’s farmers and artisans.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching people enjoy what I have cooked,” say Bryan. It’s even better if I get to do some teaching along the way and that is exactly what happens at The Wine Bar.

He takes a “clean and simple” approach to cooking that involves the “layering” of flavors. “Layering is important,” says Bryan, “because it’s important to ensure the flavors don’t blend together. That way you end up with a dish that has many different tastes and textures.”

Check Bryan’s resume and you will find that he has travelled far and wide to hone his cooking skills. He began his career by cooking in hotels and restaurants near his hometown in Halliburton, Ontario, moved on to other hotels and restaurants in Banff, Alberta, and finished up in Europe, where he attended a top cooking school.

See for yourself what Bryan is all about by making a reservation (416-504-9463) today. Remember to ensure you ask for a seat next to Bryan’s cooking station. Then you can watch as he cooks up an incredible meal just for you – one more reason why there is nothing quite like The Wine Bar.

You are just a click away from seeing The Wine Bar experience

You have to visit The Wine Bar to truly understand why there is really nothing quite like our dining experience.

Until that happy day arrives, you can do the next best thing: click on the image below to view a video shot in The Wine Bar. It shows Executive Chef Bryan Burke cooking up one of our fabulous menu selections.

Visit the Gallery to see more views of the restaurant – or end the suspense by coming to the restaurant for a truly different dining experience. Call 416-504-9463 to make your reservation.

Why the Wine Bar is the perfect location for your next special event, holiday season party or business meeting

Choosing The Wine Bar for your next group booking means you want something beyond the usual bland meeting room and predictable menu offerings.

We can accept lunch or dinner bookings for groups of up to 250 people.

Call now to book your special event, celebration or Holiday Season Party. Another great idea is to take advantage of our downtown location to book a business lunch meeting.

Get started now by telling us about your event. You can trust we will provide a menu and dining experience your guests will not soon forget.

Please call or email us at for menu requests or inquiries.

When did The Wine Bar open?

We opened in 2003 to give Toronto diners instant relief from menu boredom, plus one of the city’s finest selections of wines.

What’s the difference from typical dining?

Instead of getting a single entrée, you get 3-4 Tapas-sized menu selections. Think of it as a complete – and thoroughly satisfying – workout of your pallet. It’s brought to you by Executive Chef Bryan Burk and his partners, Ted Koutsogiannopoulos and Mary McGugan.

I have never tried Tapas before. Is there enough food to get filled up?

Absolutely. You get more than enough to satisfy your appetite. The difference is that you are not limited to one menu selection.

Could you give me some examples of the types of combinations I could order?

The best way to enjoy The Wine Bar experience is by having three or four dishes paired with wine (See below for some examples). Our Tapas style dining also makes us the perfect stop for anyone who just wants a snack before heading out to another engagement, such as a night at the theatre, where you don’t want to be stuffed with food.

What ingredients are used to make your menu selections?

We use only the finest local and naturally-raised food, produced by Ontario farmers and artisans. This supply of food changes with the season, and even from day to day, so our menu is constantly changing, and that means there is always something new to try.

How do you make reservations?

Reservations can be made by calling 416-504-9463.

Could a couple have dinner and wine for about $100?

Yes. A couples menu is shown on our Try This page.

Does your menu change?

Yes. You can almost always expect something new because our supply of ingredients, sourced locally, is constantly changing.

Does The Wine Bar have vintage wine selections?

Yes, at any one time we have over 250 wine selections. Better still, our selection of vintages is constantly changing, so there is always a new wine to enjoy for the first time.

Do you accept Group Bookings?

Yes, you can book The Wine Bar for a special event, celebration or Holiday Season Party. Another great idea is to book us for a business Lunch meeting. We are just minutes away from downtown businesses. Better still, we can assemble a meal that’s themed to your event – and you will see your meal prepared – right in front of you -- by leading Toronto Chef Bryan Burke. There’s nothing like it.

Do you have a catering package?

Yes. You can choose from several catering packages, all of which are a great alternative to the usual same-old, same old.

For group bookings, please call 416.504.WINE (9463)

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